SEE Results 2078-79


The SEE Exam 2022 result published on 27th July 2022. The SEE exam was held from Baisakh 15 to Baisakh 22 by Nepal Examination Board. SEE Result would be made available on the official website. The students who have appeared for the exam can check their results by entering their registration number and date of birth on the official website.

According to the SEE Examination Control Office, 514,760 candidates participated in the SEE of 2078 BS where 4 lakh 88 thousand 742 candidates from the regular side, 14 thousand 564 from the technical side, and 11 thousand 454 from the grade promotion side participated in the SEE examination, according to the board.

According to the current results, the number of students who got 3.6 to 4 GPA this year is 9,633. Similarly, the number of those who got 3.2 to 3.6 GPA is 41 thousand 627, according to the examination board. The number of those who obtained 2.8 to 3.2 GPA is 69 thousand 900. The number of examinees who obtained 2.4 to 2.8 GPA is 90 thousand 758 and the number of those who obtained 2 to 2.4 is 112 thousand 733. Similarly, the number of students with 1.2 to 2 is 1 lakh 594, the number of students with 1.2 to 1.6 is 44 thousand 586 and the number of students with GPA 0.8 to 1.2 is 3 thousand 280, said Aryal, member secretary of the board

SEE is an Examination conducted by The National Examination Board (NEB) to certify that a student has successfully completed 10th grade. Every year thousand of students take part in SEE Exam from all over the country. After successfully completing the SEE, students are qualified for higher secondary education. SEE is also popularly known as IRON GATE.NEB regularly conducts the SEE exam in the month of Chaitra.

SEE Result 2078/79

157,914 Boys
257,053 Girls

Total Number of Male and Female Students Participates in SEE Exam 2022

How to Check Online SEE Exam Result 2079 via SMS

Once the results are published, the results can be viewed on the internet or via mobile SMS.

SEE Exam Results 2022 via SMS and App on Ncell

SMS your symbol number to 1600. Each SMS will cost Rs 5. SEE results can be viewed for free from the Ncell app.

SEE Exam Results 2022 via Nepal Telecom's SMS or IVR service

Listen to the SEE results by dialing to 1600 from all the telephones and mobile phones of Nepal Telecom.


You can SMS to 1600 with your symbol number.

Type see and send SMS to 1600 Example :- Type SEE 123456789D and send it to 1600

SEE Exam Results 2022 via sparrow SMS

To view the results from sparrow SMS, you can send SEE from mobile SMS by typing a space followed by your symbol number and send it to 35001.

For example, if the symbol number you want to see is 12345678 then go to your message box and send SEE 12345678 to 35001.

SMS service is not available for those living outside Nepal. Those living outside Nepal have to check the results through the website.

How to Check Online SEE Exam Result 2079 via Website

SEE results from various websites with MarkSheet

To check SEE exam results follow the following step by step procedurals

  • Step 1. Go to the anyone website mentioned above.
  • Step 2. Type your SEE Symbol number in the input box. Eg. 123456789w
  • Step 3. Type your date of birth.
  • Step 4. Click on submit button and the results will display on our mobile/computer screen.

SEE Exam Grading System


Which grade can read which subject after SEE

In order to study in SLC, out of eight subjects in SEE, you must secure D plus GPA in English, Nepali, Social, Mathematics, and Science. You can study in SLC even if you have secured a D and E GPA in Compulsory population and health and two other elective subjects.

GPA to study science in SLC

Only students who have brought a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2 in SEE will be able to study science subjects.

Students must have a C-plus grade in compulsory science and maths in the SEE exam.

GPA to study Management, Education and Humanities

At least 1.6 GPA to study management, education, and humanities faculty in Nepal.

GPA to study Technical/ CTEVT course

You need to bring at least 1.6 GPA to study in class 11 technical. It also has to bring C grade in Science, Mathematics and English, Social and D Plus in Nepali. In order to study three years diploma courses related to health, engineering, agriculture, forest, tourism and other subjects, one has to bring C grade in English, Mathematics and Science.

According to CTEVT, students with minimum E grade and 0.8 GPA can also study in the TSLC course.

Courses After SEE

Many students might not know what stream to take after SEE to find a carrier path of their desires. Understand in which field you can go after studying a particular subject.